Marlene Laro is quoted in an article, "Virtual Law Firms Part 2: How COVID Proved NewLaw Was Right" discussing the Potomac Law Group's increase in AmLaw partners since 2020. 

“We’ve been growing steadily since we were founded – over 110 lawyers in nine years – and COVID launched a new wave of interest from BigLaw partners.  Now that everyone has been forced to work remotely, many have concluded that they (AmLaw partners) are not interested in returning to the traditional law firm model.  All the reasons to consider NewLaw that existed pre-COVID, including greater autonomy, less bureaucracy, and transparent compensation, are especially compelling now.

The economic impact of the global pandemic has refocused clients’ attention on cost-effective and high value legal services. With its billing rate flexibility and low overhead, NewLaw is well positioned for growth on the client development side during the COVID era.”

Read further on the appeal of virtual law firms as the future. 

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