Lakshmi Rajan, Ph.D. is an accomplished scientist and an experienced patent agent. Dr. Rajan leverages her expansive scientific background and over a decade of experience in the patent law field to help clients protect innovations in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, and food industries.

Dr. Rajan’s strong technical expertise and hands-on laboratory research experience allow her to understand complex technologies in depth, and communicate effectively with inventors, patent examiners, technology transfer officials, and in-house counsel to develop and implement robust patent protection strategies for her clients’ valuable intellectual property assets. Her practice spans a variety of intellectual property matters including patent application drafting, domestic and foreign patent prosecution, development and management of patent portfolios, patentability opinions, freedom-to-operate, and general client counseling. On behalf of her clients, she works collaboratively with IP counsel throughout the world to secure patent protection in foreign jurisdictions.

Dr. Rajan has represented a wide spectrum of clients including independent inventors, universities, national research laboratories, start-up companies and multinational corporations in patent matters in the areas of antibody technology and therapies, immunotherapy technologies for cancer and inflammatory conditions, T-cell therapy, bioengineered enzymes, therapeutic peptides, genomics, gene editing, gene therapy, stem cell therapy, vaccines, biomarkers, diagnostics, small molecules, food and beverage products, and agricultural biotechnology.

Dr. Rajan’s doctoral thesis research work addressed molecular and genetic aspects of cancer, and led to the identification, mapping and cloning of several novel murine genetic loci involved in T-cell lymphomas using genomic mapping technologies. After receiving her Ph.D., and prior to entering the patent law field, she pursued  further scientific research at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, NY, where, as a postdoctoral fellow, instructor and co-investigator, she engaged in basic and interdisciplinary research encompassing molecular and developmental biology,  and biomechanics/orthopedics to study molecular mechanisms of embryonic development, and injury/repair in skeletal tissues using transgenic animal models, immunohistochemistry, RNA in situ hybridization, microarrays, and real time PCR technologies. She has presented her academic research work at international meetings, and has co-authored several publications in top-ranked, peer-reviewed journals.

Representative Experience

  • Prepared, prosecuted, and managed a global patent portfolio involving antibody therapeutics for neoplastic and other conditions for a large biopharmaceutical company.
  • Prepared a first in family patent application directed to a platform technology involving novel recombinant vaccine constructs and cellular therapies for a top-ranked university, which was immediately licensed to a biotechnology company.
  • Prepared a first in family patent application in the area of agricultural biotechnology, which resulted in a first action allowance for a large public university.
  • Assisted in preparing and prosecuting several patent applications on an accelerated examination basis involving gene editing for a biomedical research center.
  • Provided key technical analysis concerning a pharmaceutical formulation for an oral hearing at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (USPTO) for a large pharmaceutical company, which resulted in winning the appeal.
  • Prepared, prosecuted, and managed a complex patent portfolio relating to food and medical applications for a large multinational company.
  • Assisted in conducting freedom-to-operate and due diligence analyses for a large global healthcare company, and a mid-sized pharmaceutical company.

Publications and Speeches

Co-author, The Dlx5 and Dlx6 homeobox genes are essential for craniofacial, axial, and appendicular skeletal development. Genes Dev. 16(9):1089-101, 2002.

Co-author, What retroviruses teach us about the involvement of c-myc in leukemias and lymphomas. Leukemia 16(6):1086-98, 2002.

Rajan, L., et al., The c-myc locus is a common integration site in Type B retrovirus-induced T-cell lymphomas. J. Virology 74(5):2466-2471, 2000.

Rajan, L., et al., Chromosomal localization of acquired MMTV proviral integration sites in T-cell lymphomas. Mammalian Genome 9(1):84-85, 1998.

Rajan, L., et al., An MMTV provirus from a T-cell lymphoma maps near the distal end of mouse chromosome 11. Mammalian Genome 8(4):295-296, 1997.

Co-author, Mouse mammary tumor virus: a virus that exploits the immune system. Leukemia 11 (Supplement 3):183-186, 1997.

Rajan, L. and J.P. Dudley, An MMTV integration site on the centromere proximal region of mouse chromosome 11. Mammalian Genome 5(11):740-1, 1994.

Co-author, Evaluation of a polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Tubercle 72(1):21-7, 1991.

Co-author, Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by polymerase chain reaction. Lancet 335 (8686):423, 1989

(Select peer-reviewed conference proceedings)

Co-author, Expression of Wound Healing Regulated Genes in Surgically Injured Tendons. Trans Orthop Res Soc, 31: paper No. 1102, 2006.

Co-author, A Novel in vivo Model of Tendon Fatigue Damage Accumulation. Proc 5th Int Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons, p. 41, 2005

Rajan L., et al., Differences in Timp Gene Expression Among Rat Tendons. Trans Orthop Res Soc., 30:813, 2005.

Co-author, Do tendons differ in their intrinsic remodeling activity? Trans Orthop Res Soc., New Orleans, LA, Vol. 28:0795, 2003.

Memberships and Affiliations

American Intellectual Property Law Association, Member


University of Texas at Austin, Microbiology, Ph.D. 

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Biotech., M. 

Panjab University, Microbiology, B.Sc. (Honors School)

Previous Experience

  • Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP, Tyson’s Corner, VA, Patent Agent
  • Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein, & Fox, Washington D.C., Patent Agent
  • Vedder Price, P.C., New York, NY, Scientific Advisor and Patent Agent


  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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