Environmental issues impact almost all businesses – whether you are a small real estate development and management company or an international industrial manufacturer – and the risks that stem from potential contamination of the environment, human exposure and health concerns, and resulting liabilities demand proactive attention of seasoned counsel.  While you cannot afford to wait for an “event” before taking steps to ensure compliance, you also cannot afford to implement unrealistic, gold-plated environmental, health and safety (EHS) measures.  Our attorneys offer tremendous experience in helping clients to achieve the right balance and to identify practical and efficient solutions to their EHS needs – whether managing environmental risks related to corporate and/or real estate acquisitions, permitting vital projects on tight timelines, or identifying necessary corrective actions that truly manage EHS risks in the most cost-effective manner.  We provide top notch legal support in the following ways:

  • Due diligence for corporate and real estate transactions
  • Brownfields cleanup, site clearance, and risk management
  • Permitting for complex development and operations
  • Siting and impact minimization for large projects
  • Response to spills, releases, or operational events
  • Defense of environmental enforcement actions
  • Implementation of EHS Management Systems
  • Advice with day-to-day EHS compliance
  • Support for corporate sustainability programs

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