The FCC has announced a One-Time Information Collection (Collection) for All International Section 214 Authorization Holders (Authorization Holders or Companies) to update the Commission’s records regarding foreign ownership. The deadline for filing is January 22, 2024 for this Collection. The portal for the Collection can be found here. (See also, DA 23-146, Public Notice, IB Docket No. 23-119, MD Docket No. 23-134)

All Authorization Holders must respond to this request. However, some more recently granted Authorization Holders may qualify for an exemption from the one-time foreign ownership information collection. Companies that filed an application for an initial International Section 214 Authorization, modification, substantial assignment (not a pro forma filing), modification, or transfer of control of the authorization that was reviewed by the Executive Branch agencies, and was granted by the Commission on or after January 22, 2021; or do not have any Reportable Foreign Interest Holders of the Authorization Holder, other than those disclosed in their applications (including amendments) and there are no changes to these Reportable Foreign Interest Holders as of December 23, 2023 are subject to an exemption. Those carriers qualifying for an exemption must provide the File Number of their application that substantiates the exemption.

To log into the portal, Authorization Holders must use the FCC Registration Number (FRN) associated with the current Authorization File Number.  An officer must certify the filing.

The Commission is considering whether to cancel the authorizations of Companies that fail to timely respond to the One-Time Information Collection. Further, Companies that do not timely or fully respond by the deadline may be subject to enforcement actions.

Authorization Holders that no longer require International 214 Authorization have the option of surrendering it prior to the Collection deadline, which will exempt them from responding to the Collection. Otherwise, the Authorization Holder must respond.

For more information, please contact Katherine Barker Marshall or Douglas G. Bonner.

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