GC Research Club Interviews Potomac Law’s Nicole Bradick about the Evolving Legal Industry

GC Research Club, a UK-based in-house lawyer community, recently interviewed Nicole Bradick, Potomac Law’s Director of Strategic Initiatives and Development.  In the first half of the 2-part interview, released this week, Bradick answers questions about the changing legal industry, the rise of new model law firms, and trends in in-house practice.  Regarding new model law firms, Bradick stated:

One of the benefits of creating a next generation firm from whole cloth is that you can start with a single inquiry: Who are our clients and what do they need? All decisions about how to structure a firm can then be based entirely on the answer to that question. This allows new firms to create precisely the right kind of model to best serve the firm’s clients.

You can read the rest of the interview here.