Assignment and Change of Control Clauses in License Agreements

By: Larry Schroepfer There’s a provision in license agreements (and many, many other agreements for that matter) that’s often relegated to the “boilerplate” at the end of the document, and it’s whether either or both parties can assign their rights under the agreement to third parties.  Sandwiched somewhere between “Severability” and “Entire Agreement”, this clause […]
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PLG Partner William Baker Elected Vice Chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Science & Technology Law

PLG Partner William Baker was elected Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Science & Technology Law at the ABA’s recent annual meeting in San Francisco. The Section focuses on cutting-edge issues at the intersection of law and technology.  Recent initiatives include programs and publications on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, drones, autonomous […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Katie Wood

We are pleased to announce that Katie Wood has joined the firm as Counsel. Katie Wood is a Counsel in the firm’s Litigation and Antitrust and Competition Law practice groups.  She represents clients in a wide range of state and federal commercial litigation matters, including antitrust and trade regulation, unfair competition, Lanham Act, libel, interference, […]
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Susan Rogers Issues the June Washington Tax Newsletter

In the June edition of the PLG Washington Tax News, Susan Rogers includes an update on Congressional Activity, Tax Reform, Treasury/IRS update, Wyden Discussion Dra on Cost Recovery Reform & Simplification, and International Issues. Click the image below to read the newsletter.  
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Potomac Law Welcomes George S. Dolina

We are pleased to announce that George Dolina has joined the firm as Senior Counsel. George Dolina is a patent attorney specializing in electrical, mechanical, and computer related inventions.  Mr. Dolina began his career in intellectual property law as a patent agent in 2007.  After graduating with honors from law school, he developed his expertise […]
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Client Bulletin: DOL Issues Final Rule on Overtime Exemption Salary Minimums

By: Gina Del Negro, Wendy Fischman, and Catherine Guttman-McCabe On May 18, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) posted on its website (https://www.dol.gov/whd/overtime/final2016/index.htm), the long-awaited Final Rule regarding the new overtime regulations that it proposed last summer.  The Final Rule is effective December 1, 2016, and is estimated to extend overtime pay eligibility to over 4 […]
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Client Bulletin: The Defend Trade Secrets Act

By: Catherine Guttman-McCabe What is the Defend Trade Secrets Act? The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA), effective May 11, 2016, makes trade secret theft a federal crime and provides employers with powerful protection for trade secret misappropriation by creating a new federal cause of action. However, employers must take certain steps to fully […]
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Susan Rogers issues the PLG May Washington Tax Newsletter

In the May edition of the PLG Washington Tax News, Susan Rogers includes an update on Congressional Activity, Tax Reform, Treasury/IRS update, Inversions, Earnings Stripping and the new 385 Regulations, and International Tax Policy and BEPS. Click the image below to read the newsletter.  
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Potomac Law Welcomes Marina Jáudenes

We are pleased to announce Marina Jáudenes has joined the firm as a Counsel. Marina Jáudenes is an attorney and former investment banker with experience covering a wide range of domestic and cross-border corporate, securities, M&A and finance-related transactions. She has advised on legal issues affecting various business areas and worked closely with U.S. and […]
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Client Bulletin: CMS’s Final 60-Day Rule Emphasizes Need for Proactive Self-Audits

By: Harry Silver The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued its Final Regulations interpreting the Affordable Care Act (ACA)-imposed 60-Day Rule which requires healthcare providers and suppliers to return overpayments received from Medicare within 60 days of their “identification.” As discussed in a previous Client Bulletin, the ACA does not specify what […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Susan Hendrix

We are pleased to announce Susan Hendrix has joined the firm as a Counsel. Susan Hendrix focuses her practice on healthcare, investigations and litigation.  Ms. Hendrix provides compliance advice, and conducts internal investigations on health care regulations, health care guidance, and health care-related company policies. In addition to providing compliance advice and conducting investigations, Ms. […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Susan Rogers

We are pleased to announce Susan Rogers has joined the firm as a Partner. Ms. Rogers is a Partner in the firm’s Taxation practice group.  She has three decades of experience in the tax policy and advocacy field, including extensive experience as the Head of Global Tax Policy for a leading Fortune 100 company and […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes John Moss

We are pleased to announce John Moss has joined the firm as a Partner.  John Moss, a Partner in the firm’s Washington, DC office, represents clients in all phases of litigation in state and federal courts.  He has represented several Fortune 100 global companies in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturers and retailers of […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Mark A. Catan

We are pleased to announce Mark A. Catan has joined the firm as a Partner. Mark A. Catan is a Partner with extensive experience in all areas of patent law.  Mr. Catan’s practice includes strategic counseling, patent validity and infringement opinions, patent prosecution, IP transactions, and IP due diligence in support of mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Catan possesses […]
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Satterthwaite selected as one of the 2016 WTR’s leading trademark professionals

Potomac Law is pleased to announce that partner Janet Satterthwaite was selected as one of the 2016 World Trademark Review 1000 leading trademark professionals.  Ms. Satterthwaite is an internationally-recognized trademark attorney, with expertise in global trademark prosecution, strategic counseling and litigation at the first-chair level. Janet Satterthwaite recently joined virtual firm Potomac Law Group from Venable. The renowned counsellor and first-chair trial lawyer […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Robert S. Mayer

We are pleased to announce that Robert S. Mayer has joined the firm as a Partner. Robert Mayer is a registered patent attorney who drafts and prosecutes patent applications for a wide range of technologies, including medical devices, bar code scanners, semiconductors, photocopiers, consumer electronics, and software. He manages patent portfolios, helps clients mine patentable ideas from their technical staff, […]
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PLG Serves as Buy-Side Co-Counsel in Stagwell’s Acquisition of Creative Agency Code and Theory

The Wall Street Journal describes Stagwell as “one of a new wave of players in the advertising industry seeking to challenge traditional ad holding companies by putting a range of assets under one umbrella.”  Code and Theory’s speciality “in creating large-scale web experiences ‘is something that’s going to be mission-critical for major products,'” according to Stagwell founder, […]
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Client Bulletin: The First Judicial Interpretation of the ACA’s 60-Day Rule Increases Uncertainty and Risk for Health Care Providers

By: Harry Silver The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) requires healthcare providers and suppliers to report and return overpayments made by Medicare or Medicaid within 60 days after they have been “identified” (“the 60-Day Rule”). The ACA does not define “identified,” administrative regulations intended to do so were proposed in 2012 but have not yet been […]
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Satterthwaite selected as 2016 Washington DC Super Lawyer

Potomac Law is pleased to announce that partner Janet Satterthwaite was selected to be on the 2016 Washington DC Super Lawyers list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice.  Only 5% of attorneys in Washington DC receive this distinction.​​  Ms. Satterthwaite is an internationally-recognized trademark attorney, with expertise in global trademark prosecution, strategic counseling and litigation at the first-chair level.  
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Potomac Law Welcomes Elissa Brockbank Reese

We are pleased to announce that Elissa Reese has joined the firm as a Counsel. Ms. Reese represents clients in connection with a broad range of intellectual property rights with an emphasis on enforcement and litigation.  Her breadth of intellectual property work includes trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, internet keyword advertising, cybersquatting and domain name […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Janet Satterthwaite

We are pleased to announce that Janet F. Satterthwaite has joined the firm as a Partner. Janet Satterthwaite is an internationally-recognized and versatile trademark attorney, uniquely capable in all aspects of global trademark prosecution and strategic counseling, as well as litigation at the first-chair level.  For over twenty years, Ms. Satterthwaite has provided seamless, practical, […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Timothy W. Bergin

We are pleased to announce that Timothy W. Bergin has joined the firm as a Partner. Tim Bergin has more than thirty years experience providing antitrust counseling, obtaining antitrust clearance for corporate mergers and acquisitions, and litigating antitrust cases.  Mr. Bergin has counseled many business clients on a range of issues under federal and state […]
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Client Bulletin: DOL Publishes Proposed Overtime Regulations Raising Salary Thresholds

By Wendy Fischman and Gina Del Negro.  On July 6, 2015, the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) published proposed regulations that would more than double the minimum salary requirements for employees to qualify for the executive, administrative, and professional  (“white collar”) exemptions to the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements of the federal Fair […]
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PLG’s Heather Broadwater Publishes Article on International Student Homestays in Net Assets

The July/August edition of Net Assets, a publication of the National Business Officers Association, features an article by PLG Parter, Heather Broadwater. In the article, entitled “International Student Homestays: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?” Attorney Broadwater reviews the risks of international homestays, along with suggestions on how to minimize that risk. Click here to read the article in […]
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Client Bulletin: Your Personal Information is No Longer Private. Now What?

By Michaela Barry. The still unfolding data breach at the United States Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) has government employees and government contractors reeling.  As of today, it is still unclear exactly what and how much data has been stolen, but even conservative estimates are staggering.  For the millions of individuals with security clearances (or […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Galia Messika

We are pleased to announce that Galia Messika has joined the firm as a Partner. Galia Messika has extensive and broad experience counseling companies’ senior management and boards of directors on resolving actual and potential disputes and litigating complex commercial cases.  She has handled a wide variety of matters including litigation over corporate control, securities, fraud […]
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Client Bulletin: Legal Considerations in Mobile Marketing

By William B. Baker.  Today nearly every business has a mobile marketing strategy.  Whether using mobile applications, mobile-optimized websites, or straightforward text messaging, the number of businesses communicating to mobile devices has soared since the introduction of the iPhone and tablets.  This trend will surely continue; a recent market survey for the Internet Advertising Bureau reports […]
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PLG’s Catherine Guttman-McCabe writes chapter in Emerging Issues in K-12 Campus Security

PLG Partner Catherine Guttman-McCabe has written a chapter in a newly released book, Emerging Issues in K-12 Campus Security: Leading Lawyers and School Security Experts on Creating an Emergency Response Plan, Training Staff, and Observing Warning Signs (Inside the Minds).  Attorney Guttman-McCabe’s chapter is entitled “Emerging Legal Issues: Sexual Misconduct in Elementary and Secondary Schools.” The book’s […]
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Potomac Law Group Achieves Victory for Saudi Client in Human Trafficking Case

Plaintiff Winfred Muchira, a 35-year old Kenyan woman who accompanied a Saudi Arabian family to the U.S. in 2012 to work as a housemaid while three members of the family attended school here, sued the family in federal court more than a year and three months after leaving their employ, claiming that they violated federal human trafficking, forced labor, and enslavement laws.  […]
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PLG Partner William Baker Publishes Article on FCC’s Net Neutrality Order with The International Association of Privacy Professionals

The following piece by PLG’s William Baker was posted to the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Privacy Tracker in two parts on March 31 and April 2.  The post is reprinted in its entirety below with permission from the IAPP. The FCC’s Net Neutrality Order Part 1: What It Says and How We Got Here Privacy Tracker | Mar […]
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Client Bulletin: The High Cost of Insufficient Data Protection

The High Cost of Insufficient Data Protection   By Lindsey Schek Gillespie Is your company prepared to handle a security incident?  Has your company taken measures to mitigate the impact of a security breach? In 2014 a number of privacy trends emerged that are likely to continue this year.  Among them are growing concerns with the […]
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PLG Welcomes Partner Heather Broadwater

PLG is pleased to announce that Heather Broadwater has joined the firm as a Partner. For nearly twenty years, Heather Broadwater has worked to help employers achieve business goals by complying with applicable laws and treating employees with fairness and respect.  First, as a human resource manager, and later as an attorney, Heather developed and […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Teresa Alutto-Schmidt

We are pleased to announce that Teresa Alutto-Schmidt has joined the firm as Counsel. Teresa Alutto-Schmidt is Counsel in the firm’s Litigation and White Collar Defense and Investigations practice groups.  In addition to her traditional civil litigation experience, which has included motions practice at both the state and federal level, Ms. Alutto-Schmidt has focused on […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Sheetal Patel

We are pleased to announce that Sheetal Patel has joined the firm as Counsel. Sheetal Patel is a patent law specialist with several years of experience litigating chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical patent cases as well as developing enforcement strategies including invalidity and infringement analyses, and due diligence.  Ms. Patel’s litigation experience includes U.S. district court, […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes William B. Baker

We are pleased to announce that William B. Baker has joined the firm as a Partner. William (Bill) Baker has more than 30 years of experience in postal, privacy and data security, consumer marketing, and communications law. He has represented First Class business mailers and newspapers in litigation, rulemaking, counseling, and legislative matters involving the […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Carla Garrett

We are pleased to announce that Carla Garrett has joined the firm as Counsel. Ms. Garrett has over twenty years of experience working with corporate, securities, acquisitions and contract law matters.  As General Counsel of a publicly-traded technology company, Ms. Garrett was responsible for all legal matters of the company, including SEC compliance, corporate governance, […]
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Potomac Law Launches Restaurant, Food, Winemaking, and Brewing Practice

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Potomac Law Group has launched a Restaurant, Food, Winemaking, and Brewing Practice. The new practice group is a team of veteran attorneys with focused industry knowledge and front line experience helping clients manage and grow food and beverage businesses, including restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, distilleries, specialty food producers, and distributors/wholesalers/importers. The attorneys […]
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Potomac Law Group’s Neil Koslowe Scores Win for D.C. Superior Court Judges

Potomac Law Group Partner Neil Koslowe successfully negotiated the return of back pay and annuity adjustments from the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Treasury, and the District of Columbia Courts on behalf of four Senior District of Columbia Superior Court judges. Mr. Koslowe took the case pro bono on behalf of the four […]
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Client Bulletin: Department of Education Issues VAWA Regulations

By Catherine Guttman-McCabe On October 20, 2014, the Department of Education published final regulations to implement the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which amends the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act). The regulations apply to all colleges and universities that participate in federal student financial aid programs and […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Anu Connor as Director of Firm Operations

We are pleased to announce that Anu Connor has joined the firm as Director of Firm Operations. In her new role, Ms. Connor will work to create and implement all aspects of our growing firm’s operations and development. Ms. Connor has a diverse legal and policy background. Most recently, Ms. Connor served as Senior Counsel […]
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In Victory by Potomac Law Maryland High Court Rules That a “For Cause” Provision in Contract Negates Presumption of At-will Employment

Washington, DC, August 28, 2014 — Potomac Law Group Counsel Harry Silver secured a unanimous victory in a novel employment law ruling by the Maryland Court of Appeals, the highest court in Maryland. On Thursday, the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that Carla Adam was wrongfully terminated by Spacesaver Systems, Inc. because her employment contract stated […]
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Potomac Law Releases the 2014 50-State Survey of Distance Education Regulations

Potomac Law Group has completed its 50 State Survey of Distance Education Regulations for Private Institutions and its 50 State Survey of Distance Education Regulations for Public Institutions (click here to view a sample page).  The surveys were most recently updated by PLG attorneys in July 2014 and address the following topics based on legal research […]
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Client Bulletin: Recent Developments in Non-Discrimination Law

By Catherine Guttman-McCabe, Partner In July, there have been significant developments in non-discrimination law in the areas of sexual orientation, gender identity, and pregnancy discrimination. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: New protected Classes for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors On July 21, 2014, President Obama issued an Executive Order, prohibiting employment discrimination in federal employment and […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Katy Van Pelt

We are pleased to announce that Katy Van Pelt has joined the firm as Counsel in the Regulatory, Food & Drug, Health Care, and Life Sciences practice groups.  Ms. Van Pelt provides advice on a range of regulatory issues relevant to manufacturers of prescription drugs, medical devices, in vitro diagnostic products, analyte-specific reagents, laboratory developed tests, infant […]
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Potomac Law Group’s Ben Lieber and Nicole Bradick Named to the Fastcase 50 List

Potomac Law Group’s Managing Partner, Ben Lieber, and Director of Business Development, Nicole Bradick, were named to the Fastcase 50 list, an annual list of innovators in the legal industry.  As the Fastcase website describes: “The Fastcase 50 for 2014 highlights entrepreneurs, innovators, and trailblazers — people who have charted a new course for the […]
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Potomac Law Group Welcomes Matthew Lykken

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Lykken has joined the firm as Counsel in the Tax group. Mr. Lykken has three decades of planning and audit experience in international corporate tax in the biopharma, medical manufacturing and petrochemical industries, including roles as global head of tax and regional director in both EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Mr. […]
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Client Bulletin: Hundreds of Employment and Labor Rulings May be Invalid Following Supreme Court Decision

By Wendy Fischman, Partner Between 2012 and 2013, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made a series of highly controversial rulings that affect every workplace.  The NLRB restricted an employer’s ability to limit its employees’ activity in social media, even when employees openly disparage the employer.  It also prohibited employers from directing employees to keep […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Four Attorneys to its Education and Employment Practice Groups

Potomac Law is pleased to announce that Catherine Guttman-McCabe and Wendy Fischman have joined the firm as Partners and Iris Wong and Emily Terrell have joined as Counsel in the firm’s Education and Employment Practice Groups.   Catherine Guttman-McCabe has spent her career advising educational institutions, with a particular focus on higher education.  She provides […]
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Potomac Law Welcomes Consuelo Campuzano, Partner

Consuelo Campuzano has joined the firm as a Partner in the firm’s Corporate, Intellectual Property, and Media, Entertainment and Communications practice groups. Ms. Campuzano’s practice focuses on intellectual property and commercial contracts.
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Potomac Law Welcomes Steve Kabler, Partner

Stephen Kabler has joined the firm as a Partner in the firm’s Intellectual Property, Media, Entertainment and Communications, and Corporate practice groups. He represents early stage and public companies across a spectrum of commercial matters, advising clients in their business transactions and alliances and providing strategic guidance on launching new businesses, products, and services.
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Potomac Law Welcomes Amy Hope Breslow, Partner

Amy Breslow has joined the firm as a Partner in the Trust and Estates group. Ms. Breslow focuses primarily on estate, gift, and education planning for individuals, couples, and multigenerational families, including estate and trust administration, charitable gift planning, and estate and gift taxation.
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Potomac Law Welcomes Kate Polozie, Partner

Kate Polozie has joined the firm as a Partner in our Corporate practice group. Concentrating on commercial transactions, Ms. Polozie has counseled a variety of businesses, ranging from start-up ventures to multinational corporations, on a broad range of issues.
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